The following is our sample Warranty, subject to the actual terms made part of a signed Contract.

SHRUBS and TREES provided and installed by Eagle Creek Landscape & Design are guaranteed for one year from the time of planting, provided that proper maintenance and protection has been performed, such as but not limited to: watering, weeding, cultivation. Trees and shrubs that die within the first year will be replaced one time with plant material of equal value during the first year at no expense to owner, provided owner’s responsibilities for care and notification are fully met. This warranty does not cover any other tender plant material or transplanted shrubs and trees not provided and installed by Eagle Creek.

All plants must receive adequate care and proper watering in order to be honored under the guarantee policy. Owner must notify landscape contractor within twenty-four hours of noticing a problem. Allowing plant material to die or reach an advanced state of decline before notifying landscape contractor automatically and without recourse voids all warranty on that portion of the project.

PERENNIALS, BULBS, ANNUAL FLOWERS and ORNAMENTAL GRASSES are guaranteed for 14 days against infestation of pests and diseases, otherwise no guarantee is made because watering and care are beyond the control of the landscape contractor.       

SEEDED LAWNS are guaranteed to germinate and grow for a period of 6 weeks from completion of installation, provided homeowner follows guide given to homeowner by company. Owner recognizes that success of a seeded lawn or sod growth is chiefly determined by the watering and care given by owner.

SOD is guaranteed for a period of 30 days. Company will replace one time, without charge, sod planted by us provided that if there is a problem, company is notified immediately, and: proper watering/care is taken by Owner per our written guide; sod was not trampled upon by people, animals, vehicles or machinery; sod was not burned by chemicals or reflected sunlight from a home foundation or concrete; pets were not allowed to soil on the lawn; no act of God occurred such as excessive flooding, fallen tree, wind, etc.

DECKS, WOOD STRUCTURES, STONE PATIOS and WALLS are guaranteed for one year against defects in workmanship from the time of completed installation. In the case of any wood product used on outdoor structures such as decks, pergolas, gazebos, fences, etc. no guarantees of splitting, cracking and warping due to the natural weathering process of wood products, are made. This guarantee is limited to a one-time, free of charge repair and/or replacement of the defective piece or section that was installed by the landscape contractor within the given time period only.

DRY CREEKS and DRAINAGE installed to alleviate excess water or standing water in yard, including french drains, dry wells and dry creeks are guaranteed for one year on materials and workmanship. There is no guarantee implied that problem areas will completely alleviate problem water areas since there are many unforeseen variables that may effect drainage, such as unseen underground streams, heavy rains, natural flooding and neighboring homes that may redirect water to the drainage area.

GENERAL  In the case of plant material, no guarantee of survival, vigor, ultimate size or appearance, or suitability to site conditions is made. There is no guarantee or warranty implied in the case of weed control because weeds are beyond the control of the landscape contractor. In no case shall landscape contractor honor any warranty or guarantee when evidence of abuse, improper care, negligence of others, including improper applications of pesticides or fertilizer to living things, vandalism, theft, animal and insect damage, misuse, any other damage by others, extreme weather conditions or conditions beyond the control of the contractor, is found. Contractor does not give a warranty or guarantee to any materials that were not supplied by Eagle Creek Landscape & Design, nor any plants, shrubs, trees or sod that were transplanted from the Client’s property. The use of de-icing salt (calcium chloride) on walkways will void warranty and guarantee. Accounts must be paid in full and within 30 days of Invoice date before any replacements of materials under this guarantee/warranty are made.  No cash refund.

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