Dry creek bed going down hillside with landscape plantings
Hillside before dry creek and landscape was installed
Functional dry creeks with shrubs incorporated along creek and mulched with pine straw
Dry creek on hillside with landscape plantings and cut stone tree rings

Eagle Creek Landscape & Design, Inc. designs and builds dry creeks as a drainage solution in areas that may have a problem with standing or slow to drain water. We accent dry creeks with a variety of stones, rocks and boulders with various textures and colors. Shrubs, ornamental grasses, perennials and trees are often designed around the dry creek to soften the stonework.

Besides being very practical in improving drainage, some homeowners choose to have dry creeks installed to create additional interest and beauty in their landscapes.

Panoramic view of Eagle Creek residence, greenhouse and pond
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Dry Creeks and Drainage

Cleared hillside with dry creek bed leading to creek and timber steps, bridge and landscape plantings

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Landscape berm with dry creek border
Berm planted with evergreens and dry creek border
Functional dry creek bed bordering landscape bed





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French drain covered with decorative stones separating landscape beds from turf