Custom built deck in white and brown with steps
Backyard custom built pergola
Custom pressure treated deck with screened on porch
Composite deck with built in lighting in steps
Eagle Creek Fishing Pond and Greenhouse
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Decks, Pergolas and Custom Built Wood Structures

Box timber steps going down cleared hillside
Pressure treated wood steps down hillside
Old patio with old wood timbers
Crumbling wood deck

Eagle Creek Landscape & Design, Inc. specializes in custom decks and custom built wood structures that include pergolas, gazebos, timber steps, composite wood stairways and walking bridges.

We will work with you to come up with a plan for your new project specifically designed for your home. This type of work takes creativity and professional workmanship, all of which we can provide. Whether it is taking out an old deck and building a new one in its place or designing and building a custom outdoor structure, Eagle Creek Landscape & Design takes you from start to finish from the planning phase all the way through to the completion of your project.

Multi tiered pressure treated wood deck spanning entire back of house
Pressure treated wood steps on hillside
Wood benches and wood steps on stone patio
Custom steps built down grassy hillside leading to dock and lake
Custom wood steps and handrail on hillside
Custom built wood deck on back of house
Wood timber steps and wood benches on backyard patio

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Custom bridge over dry creek with tree branch railings
Timber steps going down hillside with branch handrail
Drone view of deck, gazebo, patio and swimming pool
Pressure treated wood deck and wood gazebo
Pressure treated wood deck with aluminum railings, skirting, gazebo, landscape bed and stone edging
Cherry wood timbers on trailer and dump truck
Composite wood custom deck steps and stone landing

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“Friendly Service With A Smile!”

Wood pergola with white vinyl columns
Custom built composite wood deck, Landscape in Cincinnati 45247