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“Friendly Service With A Smile!”

EAGLE CREEK LANDSCAPE & DESIGN is using caution and discretion when considering residential projects and maintenance.

Construction and some landscape pronjects and services may fit under this category as they may be considered isolated from the pubic and relatively safe.  Our landscape projects will provide for good social distancing to significantly reduce risk of transmission. It is important to ensure the ability to wash or sanitize hands and take other precautions.

We are following these BMP’s (Best Management Practices):

     •     Contact and get permission from clients to be serviced- preferably in a documented format such as email or other time/date stamped electronic communication

     •     Implement daily all-hands communications within company to inform, educate and reinforce BMP's

     •     Relax attendance policies to allow any employee who is uncomfortable working to stay home

     •     Train crew personnel to be able to respond to questions from the public in a professional manner

     •     Enforce cleaning and sanitation protocols for all common spaces including trucks, equipment, and the breakroom, locker room and restroom

     •     Stagger crew start times to minimize congregation at office/shop

     •     Limit crews to one person per truck and have all other crew personnel drive directly to jobsite

     •     Reduce crew size to compartmentalize the workforce into smaller isolatable segments

     •     Assign one truck to one crew and do not rotate

     •     Minimize use of shared equipment and tools

     •     Wear gloves as much as possible removing only to eat, drink, or touch your face

     •     If you must work in close proximity to another for a short period of time (i.e. lifting a tree ball into a hole) wear a face mask

     •     Be prepared to shutdown at any moment if the customer raises any health or safety concerns.